With over sixteen years of experience in trampoline manufacturing Akrobat pride themselves today as one of the top European suppliers of trampolines, focused on qualities that bring real value to our customers.

Akrobat trampolines are synonymous for lasting quality, unpaired performance and guaranteed safety.

 And they’re so much fun!




We use strictly tested, certified and non-toxic weather-resistant materials that ensure years of operation. Our heavy-duty frames are made of hot-galvanized steel with minimum 275 g/m 2 zink coating guaranteeing reliable mechanical strength and resistance to rust even in coastal areas with high concentration of salt mist.


Because we use the best quality, certified materials and don’t take any shortcuts, we can support our dedication to quality by offering industry-leading warranties. All Akrobat trampolines are 100% Made in Europe, built to outlive their competitors and offer long-term companionship.


The innovative spring system is extremely durable and offers long-lasting elasticity, quiet operation and a more powerful bounce experience with low impact on the body.


Akrobat trampolines are extremely easy to assemble due to the smart click system that allows the profiles to connect without use of screws or tools. AkroClick gets the job done in a few short and easy steps.


Family Trampolines
Our Family range of trampolines provide endless fun for kids and families and are bound to be the highlight of every sleepover, birthday party, and family reunion. Our trampolines include key safety features and durable parts that will last for years to come. You can choose from a wide range of designs and shapes of trampolines suitable for beginners as well as experienced jumpers. It’s all up to what you and your family enjoy most.

Sport Trampolines
Our Sport range of trampolines are intended for experienced and professional jumpers, but are also suitable for backyard use. Offering a superior jumping experience they are a perfect choice for demanding jumpers and sport enthusiasts, empowering them to bring out their top performance. The modern design complements maximum safety, extra bounce and high quality features.

Public Use Trampolines

A trampoline can be a great attraction for a public area too! From regenerating a disused courts or parks to installing a multi-field toddler trampoline in a shopping centre, a trampoline can make a happier environment for kids and parents alike!

Our portfolio offers an extensive range of commercial grade trampolines designed for a whole host of environments; indoors, outdoors, schools, kindergartens, hotels, camping sites, city centres, sport parks, fitness facilities, gyms and rehabilitation centres.